- Dec. 14, 2020

Do you have some free time as the end of the year is hitting? Are you hoping to evaluate, look back, think on your year as we look ahead to 2021? Let some of our webinars from the past year help you start the conversation and maybe give you some additional tools to prep the conversations you would like to have with yourself in the new year. Below are some great panel discussions that gave us some practical tools to carry on and stay honest with ourselves:

Our PIVOTING THROUGH THE PAUSE conversation explores what it takes to get films made during a global pandemic. In these times, when the only thing certain is that the world is devouring content, how do we move forward? We will chat with filmmakers at various stages of the process from development to distribution, on what they are doing to get their films made. We will get the temp on their latest projects, how they launched, got funded, work/life balance and thoughts on production during the pandemic. Who are they pitching to and where is funding coming from? What creative solutions are they discovering that keep their productions rolling?

Getting "in the room" is only half the battle. How you prepare and what you do when you're there can make all the difference. You have a show idea, or you've created a brilliant film script, or you're invited in to give your "take" as a director on a project that is already green-lit. Now what? How do you convince others your vision is the vision, that they should trust you with their money, or jump on board to create or collaborate or produce your story? How do you move from your imagination into the room successfully?

This conversation tackles different types of pitch meetings, battle stories from actual pitching experiences and the path to those opportunities, individual strategies on how to prepare for a pitch, tips for creating pitch materials, that half-hour before you walk in the room, what to do when you're actually in the room, and how the pandemic seems to have impacted pitching.

This round table discussion looks into how we can support each other's unique voices to create our own work. During COVID, our group of director friends started a writing circle that has changed the way we approach our careers. We are working together to support each other's unique voices, to create truly individual and inspired work, not the stories we've heard before. Covid has forced us to slow down. We've found a silver lining in creating a new space to delve deep and listen to our inner storytellers, and help each other to tell our stories in the most impactful and engaging ways. As we develop our individual careers, we believe success comes from working together.