Jocelyn Glatzer
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Jocelyn Glatzer is a documentary film director and producer with over 25 years of experience in all aspects of production, distribution, outreach and marketing of social issue, arts and science documentaries. Glatzer recently completed FURSATO (Executive Producer), a film about the people living in a small town in Fukushima’s exclusion zone who search for normalcy after the world’s largest nuclear catastrophe since Chernobyl. A teen rocker, a media-savvy activist, a conflicted TEPCO engineer, and a female horse breeder cope with the loss of their homes and the unseen danger of radiation. Each faces a crucial decision: to stay or to go? FURUSATO (HOMETOWN), is an unsettling portrait of daily life amid an ongoing cataclysm, one with repercussions far beyond Japan’s shores. FURSATO won a Golden Dove in 2016 at Dok Leipzig after premiering at the Vienna International Film Festival this November. Glatzer is best known for her internationally acclaimed Oscar-nominated film MY COUNTRY, MY COUNTRY (Producer) a cinema verite film about the first democratic elections in Iraq after the U.S. occupation. The film, directed by Laura Poitras (the first in her 9/11 Trilogy) was also nominated for a News and Documentary Emmy and an Independent Spirit Award. Glatzer’s first film (Director/Producer) THE FLUTE PLAYER, is about Arn Chorn-Pond, a survivor of Cambodia’s killing fields who works to heal himself and his country through music.