Juliana Vicente
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Juliana Vicente is a director, screenwriter, producer and founder of Preta Portê Filmes. She studied Cinema at FAAP, in São Paulo, and at EICTV, in Cuba. She researches racial issues, especially in contexts of the economic rise of the black population and its socio-emotional effects. Her career began with the short film “Colors and Boots", shown worldwide in more than 100 festivals, considered a classic of black Brazilian cinema. She was part of the Berlinale Talents (2015), at the Berlin Film Festival, and was awarded with the co-production "A Terra e a Sombra", at the Cannes Film Festival. Creator and director of the series “Afronta!”, available on Netflix worldwide, in 2022 she released the documentary “Dialogues with Ruth de Souza”, winner of the Award of Best Documentary Director, at the Rio Film Festival and the Netflix original documentary “Racionais Mc's: From the Streets of São Paulo”, which ranked 1st among the most viewed films in Brazil and 6th on the platform worldwide.


  • Racionais: Das Ruas de São Paulo Pro Mundo Trailer