Lesley Manning
Lesley manning

Lesley Manning is best known for directing the seminal horror film GHOSTWATCH, which Indiewire voted amongst the top 20 “Best British Horror Films of all Time”.

“Some people might be surprised to hear that one of the most controversial British horror films of all time was directed by a woman. But Lesley Manning’s teleplay GHOSTWATCH remains one of the most notorious — and terrifying — events in British screen history.”

“I love Ghostwatch. So scary” Guillermo del Toro. Twitter 2020

Mary Beth McAndrew “How Lesley Manning’s Ghostwatch Shaped Found Footage Horror”.

After graduating from The National Film and TV School, Lesley directed films and serials for the BBC – notably the award-winning MY SISTERWIFE (Best Asian Film, CRE Best Drama), BLOODRIGHTS, and DROVERS’ GOLD (nominated for two BAFTAs).


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