Machete Bang Bang
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Machete has worked as a freelance filmmaker in the film industry for over twelve years. Her language of the the film medium spans a broad range. She mainly directs yet also writes, produces, edits, photographs, casts,, it's gross. Her self-taught filmmaking exuberance and drive has created many exciting avenues and has catapulted her to work with many exciting people and brands! Coldplay, Jeff & Emilie Goldblum, Evan Rachel Wood, Nike Women, Google, Motortrend, Apple...the list is exhausting! This is probably why she naps a lot. However, just because she's worked with some top notch humans in the A-list entertainment world and has been recognized by cool known outlets - Rolling Stone, Paper Magazine, Slamdance, Vimeo Staff Pick to name a few - does not mean her ego has inflated. She's followed exactly what so many peers wrote to her in her high school yearbook: "Never change." So even though her hard work ethic blended with some cosmic circumstances have landed her sweet ass gigs, she in fact, is still merely a geek in the street. Check out her latest feature film titled "Moon Manor" which she co-created with Erin Granat and is currently streaming on Showtime and available to rent/own on Amazon, iTunes, etc!