Tina Colleen
Tina colleen

Tina Colleen is an emerging director; her first short film, I IDENTIFY AS ME, has garnered success in the United States and Canada, featured at some of the largest LGBTQIA+ film festivals: Outfest Fusion, Wicked Queer, and InsideOut in Toronto, to name a few. Tina is currently developing I IDENTIFY AS ME into an episodic that will unpack the false notion believed for centuries–that gender is binary. Tina is the CEO/Founder of People of Color Productions, an independent production company that alchemizes art to transform the societal narrative. Tina’s background is in education, activism, and production. Tina has been producing in several different industries for 15 years. Tina’s art promotes love and healing for the global majority (aka BIPOC) by challenging social norms that have harmed everyone regardless of race, sexuality, or gender. The inspiration for Tina’s work has been the exploration of her own gender fluidity and ancestral journey. Tina holds an MBA in International Business, specializing in management from Fordham University. Tina loves to travel, read science fiction, power-lift, and be outdoors.